Custom Beef Processing Available Now

Beef processing
that’s just down
the road.

Medicine Lodge Meat Co. provides both custom not-for-sale and USDA-inspected beef processing with the friendly, customer service you deserve.

We hope you’ll connect with our commitment to exceeding your expectations and building relationships. Around here, hard work and integrity make us who we are.

Medicine Lodge

Reasons why.

Now, custom beef processing is open right here in our backyard. We’re brand new, but hope to be old friends in no time.

Processing Time

Sooner rather than later.

Why wait? You can get in to have your meat processed now! In addition to our uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction, our brand-new facility is designed with efficiency in mind–meaning your meat will be ready sooner rather than later.

product Assurance

Get what you were asking for.

Our processes ensure to the best of our abilities that the animal you deliver to us is the animal that’s delivered to you. You also get what you ask for. Your meat is cut to customer specifications, giving you more control over what you receive.

Packaging Improvements

We make it easy on you.

You can be confident your packaging will hold and be easy to handle. We package ground beef in 1 or 2 lbs. and have other options available.

Contact Us

It’s good to
meat you.

Contact us to reserve your spot on our schedule, or just get to know us better.

(620) 930-2105
605 W 3rd Ave
Medicine Lodge, KS 67104